Hide your Nuts!


Nutstash is a Cashu wallet for your browser, that lets you connect to multiple Cashu mints.

What is Cashu ?


"Cashu is a free and open-source Chaumian ecash system built for Bitcoin. Cashu offers near-perfect privacy for users of custodial Bitcoin applications. Nobody needs to knows who you are, how much funds you have, and with whom you transact with."

- cashu.space Learn more

Open Source

Nutstash is open source! You can take the code, and do with it whatever you want.

nutstash wallet Cashu-js Library

Run it yourself!

You don't need to trust nutstash's code. You can verify and run the program locally in 3 simple steps:

1. Clone it
2. Install it
cd cashu-wallet
npm i
3. Run it
npm run dev

Mint tokens at any Cashu mint

Nutstash supports multiple mints at the same time. You can add as many mints to your wallet as you want!


Send and receive tokens from any Cashu mint

Use the wallet to receive and send tokens from any mint.


Pay Lightning invoices anonymously

Hide in the crowd. In Cashu, you don't have a balance. You don't have an account. All you have is Cashu tokens, which you can spend on the Lightning Network.


Send and receive tokens via Nostr

Activate Nostr in the settings in order to send and receive tokens. You can generate throwaway keys or link up your Nostr handle via an extension like nos2x.


Swap tokens between mints

Exchange tokens from one mint for tokens from another mint, by performing a Lightning swap.


More to come, soonish ™️

Stay tuned for updates on nutstash and the broader cashu ecosystem.